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Welcome to Brainerd

Brainerd, Chicago

The Brainerd neighborhood in Chicago is 2.5 square miles which makes it quite small in size. That doesn't necessarily mean that it is sparse by any means, however. The Brainerd neighborhood contains more than 27,000 people. In fact it has more than 27,780 people. To put that into perspective, the average amount of people per square mile in the city of Chicago proper is 11,919. In Brainerd it's 10,814. That means it's slightly less populated than Chicago as a whole, but still right on par with the expectations that one would have in Chicago.

One great aspect of Brainerd is the fact that there's always something to do; especially during the summer. There are concerts, yoga, and gymnastics all located in Brainerd Park and many of the other parks in the neighborhood. That means the sense of community is simply not diminished by any means when one enters the big city of Chicago.

Brainerd has seen redevelopment over the course of recent years. One of the largest single family dwellings in the city is under construction inside of Brainerd. It will be home to many new comers and Brainerd veterans alike. If you're looking for things to do, places to go, or possibly a new place to call home then it's most definitely in your best interest to consider Brainerd and Washington Heights alike in order to to satisfy your needs.

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