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Welcome to Burnside

Burnside, Chicago

Burnside, located in Chicago is one of the 77 official community areas in Chicago proper. The area is locally referred to as "The Triangle" as it is bordered by railroad tracks on all three sides. The Illinois Central on the west, the Rock Island on the south, and the Nickel Plate Railroad on the east. Burnside was once considered to be part of Roseland and Chatham communities, however, it was given the official status of one of the 77 communities since then. To be specific, it happened with the UNiversity of Chicago established the officially used map of the Chicago Communities.

Just prior to 1900, the Illinois Central Railroad began construction of a roundhouse and repair shop for locomotives around 9th street and South Park boulevard. The site now holds Chicago State University. The land was purchased in The Triangle and residential homes quickly began to sprout up in the area. The area, back then, was settled with Hungarians, Polish, Italians, and Ukrainians. Mostly, though, Eastern Europeans.

Following World War II the makeup of the Burnside area had an ever-growing number of African Americans. This time period is what attributes to the rise in the working class population inside of Burnside. That sentiment remains true today.

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