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Welcome to Burnside

Family Den in Burnside |
Family Den, Burnside

Family Den

If you like jazz then Family Den is the spot for you. It's hard to find good jazz in Chicago and this is where it became popular! Every other Sunday the Crosswinds Latin Jazz band does an open mic set and honestly it's phenomenal. Family Den is in a predominantly African American neighborhood so if you are uncomfortable with that then you may want to consider going somewhere else. In fact, you may want to consider therapy since this is 2014.

The music is great and Family Den is incredibly laid back. But honestly what kind of Jazz lover is high strung? Not many that we know of! The food, well, let us first ask this question. Do you enjoy soul food? If it's a yes then you're in luck because that's what they serve. Want a solid plate of food? Want it to contain fried chicken, collards, corn, biscuits, sweet potatoes and more? Yeah, that's what you get here at Family Den.

Family Den is split into two rooms and has a huge bar. It is not the most fancy spot in the world but for a jazz club, we personally wouldn't want something shiny and new. We'd prefer dingy, dark, and full of style.

Contact Family Den

8942 S Stony Island Ave Chicago, IL 60617
(773) 734-8545
Family Den