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Welcome to Andersonville

Big Joe's

Big Joe's in Andersonville |
Big Joe's, Andersonville

Big Joe's is quite the bar. If you're looking for an original time then you can guarantee that you're going to have one at Big Joe's. One thing comes to mind, that Internet meme of the child in face paint saying "I like turtles." to news interviewer on live television. You might be wondering what we're talking about so we'll sum it up for you.

When you purchase drinks at Big Joe's you receive tickets. You might be wondering what on earth the tickets are for, right? They call ticket numbers and if yours is chosen, you can have a turtle represent you in a turtle race. Yes, we'll repeat that. Your ticket could earn a chance for you to be represented in a race. A race involving turtles. If your turtle wins the race, you get a t-shirt. Don't worry, last place gets a free drink so everyone is happy except for those poor saps in the middle.

Other than that, Big Joe's offers cheap beer, great fun, and turtle races. Make sure you go after 10:00 PM to see the turtle races as we're sure that's the main reason that you'll be visiting, right? Don't worry, drinks are cheap and the snacks are plentiful. So head to Big Joe's today! Cowabunga dude!

Contact Big Joe's

1818 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 784-8755
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