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Welcome to Bucktown

Tap Room in Bucktown |
Tap Room, Bucktown

Tap Room

We'd have to admit the Tap Room does not seem to be the most impressive looking building in the world. Or all of Chicago—or all of Bucktown for that matter. If you're close to Tap Room, however, it's almost a silly idea to not go there. They show all of the major sporting events, including UFC fights and so on.

All in all the bar atmosphere is fairly low-key. What's cool about Tap Room is that it's built connected to a liquor store which allows you to jump back and forth between Tap Room and purchasing snacks and candy. Tap Room doesn't have food so you can munch on whatever you want in the bar and the bar is completely fine with it. It was interesting to see honestly. Imagine being in a bar as you see somebody with a microwave pizza.

The bartenders are really nice and friendly. Tap Room doesn't have the biggest selection of beer or alcohol but honestly it does the job and the place is fun, relaxed, and just downright enjoyable. If you are looking to watch a game then check it out!

Contact Tap Room

1827 W 87th St Chicago, IL 60620
(773) 238-1993
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